Inertec Engineering and Controls Ltd.



INERTEC ENGINEERING AND CONTROLS LTD. is a leading Designer, Supplier, developer and integrator in the field of Electrical, Mechanical, Fire safety & Security systems since it’s founded.

Our combination of facility engineering enables us to deliver sustainable solutions for clients’ requirement. By combining professional know-how and proven technology with an approach tailored to your specific needs, we also help you to improve energy efficiency and environmental performance for reducing facility operating and lifecycle costs. These savings are delivered through best practices and superior designs as a result of our wealth of knowledge, vast design and project experiences. Our list of past projects’ experiences and our combination of new and long serving employees offers an unparalleled depth of experience which results in the best solutions and practices for our clients.

Our Supplied products and services are in accordance with domestic and international standards (BNBC, NFPA, UL, FM, CE, EN, LPCB, VDS, BSI, BM TRADA and other internationally recognized Certification Authorities).

Our staff includes mechanical and electrical designers, engineers, coupled with business administrators and technicians associated with facility assessment and asset sustainability. As a Designer, Supplier, developer and integrator team, we offer additional expertise with IEB, IEEE and NFPA accredited professionals to bring the best solution to your challenge.


To provide high quality systems, services and achieve high customer satisfaction.


To be one of the major electromechanical Solutions provider in the Bangladesh.

Products and Services

Fire Safety System

1. Fire Detection and Alarm System.
2. Fire Standpipe & Hose Systems.
3. Fire Sprinkler System.
4. Fire Suppression Systems.
5. Passive Fire Protection System.
6. Fire Rated Door.

Electrical Solutions

1. Electrical Layout Plan.
2. Single Line Diagram.
3. Bus Bar Trucking System.
4. Lightning Protection System.
5. Low and Medium Voltage Switchgear, DB and SDB, PFI.
6. Electrical Sub-Station.
7. Test (Insulation Test, Earth Resistance Test, Thermo Graphic Test, Transformer Oil Test, Sound Level Test, Air Flow test)

Industrial Solutions

1. CCTV, PA System, Access Controls System.
2. Building Management System (BMS).
3. Pipe Line Work (Boiler, Steam, Compressed Air, Chiller, Water Line Fabrication Works).
4. Industrial Storage Solution (Racking, Conveying, Lifting).
5. Industrial Solutions (Industrial Machinery, Dehumidification etc.).